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- The BSB Radio Club Inc.-

Our  Social for the Month of June 13th 2009.
Will be aTrivia - Night Railway Hotel  2009. 
This is another page going back to Eaglehawk
Hello, I'm James R Shelton.- BSB60, VAU100,  VK3KJS    -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Webmaster: James R Shelton
The  BSB  Radio Clubs 30th Anniversary,was on Thursday  the 13th Day of September 2007

Party time was Saturday 15th of September  2007.  It was a Great night a good time was had by all.
The  MRC- Mountain Radio Challenge is over for another year  Must wait until November 29th 2009, for the next one..
The BSB July Meeting our AGM for 2009 will held on Tuesday 14th 2009, at the Railway Station Hotel in Eaglehawk.